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I teach Portuguese to people who want to enrich their lives
with the beautiful and romantic language of Portugal!

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My name is Anita, I am 42 years old, and I was born and raised in the beautiful Alentejo coast  in Portugal but I have been living in the sunny Algarve for more than 20 years now!  😊  

I am a university qualified teacher, and since 2 years ago, I have started to teach online. My mission is to continue to spread my passion for the Portuguese language to as many people as possible worldwide!

I consider myself a natural adventurer, very high-energy, optimistic, and patient person. Also, I have many passions such as water sports and traveling, but most of all, I love teaching Portuguese, and I love Portugal!

How I Got Here

I began teaching Portuguese 17 years ago. I started out by ‘accident’ teaching small groups of  expats and people who were simply in love with Portugal and its language. I loved the feeling of helping people learning this beautiful language! 

Along the way, I had a lot of amazing professional experiences, the one I enjoyed the most was to be the Pedagogical Director of a Micro International school, here in the Algarve, where I designed a whole Portuguese language program for kids and ended up creating one for adults too. It just felt right with all the experience I've acquired along the years to put it all into practice.

However, I realized that I wanted to help even more students, and that’s why I started making online courses!

So far, I am very proud to say that I have helped more than 6000 students from many different countries, and I want to continue to spread the language to everyone who loves it or loves Portugal!

Why I Do It

Many students come to me saying that they want to move to Portugal or that they want to be able to talk with their partners or relatives in Portuguese. Others come to me saying that they want to reconnect with their roots, and some others want to learn Portuguese because they love languages!

These are super valid motivations to learn Portuguese, and there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than enabling my students to achieve these goals.

Jump on board and let’s learn Portuguese together! 

Fun Facts About Me

I love water sports

I was raised in an area of Portugal where surfing is very common and being close to the ocean was always part of who I am. My nickname for my friends is ‘Sereia’ which means Mermaid in English because of my passion for snorkeling, boating,  kayaking, paddle surfing and surfing. Also, I am very into winter sports as well, such as skiing! I am lucky enough to live only 4 hours (driving) away from Sierra Nevada in Spain.😊

I love animals

Since I was a little girl, I have helped to rescue animals and find them homes.
Fun fact, I was once in a newspaper in Barbados because I saved a baby turtle at night :)
I have a dog, his name is Oli and he always follows me on my adventures around Portugal. I also have 2 cats, both rescued cats that make my day with their cuteness and love. I have swimmed with the most magical creatures on Earth, like green turtles, dolphins, sharks (the nice ones), stingrays and the cutest sea horses. That’s one of the best things in life for me :)

I love languages

I have always enjoyed studying languages. That's why I have done a Masters in Teaching English and Portuguese.
I find it amazing to communicate with people from all over the world in their native language, and I think it’s a wonderful way to create a connection with people. I speak English, a bit of German, French, and a bit of Spanish, but I want to become fluent in Spanish and Italian. Hopefully I will make it!